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Profiles in Libertarianism: Joshua Smith, Candidate for Chair of the Libertarian Party

Joshua Smith has been an active member of the Liberty Movement since 2008, contributing to Dankertarians and later cofounding the libertarian publication Think Liberty whose stated goal is to “[promote] individualism, peace, and freedom.” He is also endorsed by the Libertarian Mises Caucus in his run for the […]

POLL: Joshua Smith Takes The Lead In LNC Chair Race

This poll was conducted by 73 of currently 312 members of the Libertarian Vindicator Polling Committee, a group that aims to have 10 libertarians, both party members and non-party members, from each state, including the District of Columbia, for a total of 510 members that seeks to create representative […]

Joe Paschal Issues Apology To Joshua Smith

In response to the recent allegations between Joshua Smith and Tinisha Paschal, former Vice Chairman candidate and Montana Libertarian Joe Paschal’s wife, Mr. Paschal released this statement: “Tinisha and I have spoken with Joshua Smith about this whole mess and we have taken care of the matter among us as […]

Alicia Dearn Issues Apology To Joshua Smith

(This statement was posted on Alicia Dearn’s Facebook and us being reprinted here) I say two things frequently that I think are very true about human interactions. First, about 90% of human arguments is caused by a mixture of miscommunication and pride. Second, apologies are not about you, […]

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