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Austin Petersen Primary Opponent Falls Short On Fundraising

Mitch McConnell chosen Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley’s fundraising has fallen short of what many expected. According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch “The Missouri Democratic Party jumped on the new numbers, with a news release seeking to make the case that they are ‘embarrassingly low’ for ‘someone […]

Survey Leads Austin Petersen to Declare Potential Opponent As “Most Beatable Democrat”

The Kansas City star reports that a recent survey shows MO Attorney General Josh Hawley ahead of Claire McCaskill by 3%.  No other Republicans were surveyed against McCaskill, but the results suggest that should Austin Petersen defeat Hawley in the primary, he would have a realistic shot at […]

Austin Petersen Gains Primary Opponent, MO AG Announces Run

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley announced Tuesday that he would be running for United States Senate in 2018 against Claire McCaskill. Hawley stated that “It’s time to do something new. America is an exceptional place, and it’s still a young country. Its future is worth fighting for. So […]

Austin Petersen Creates Petition Urging Potential Challenger to Finish Term

With the recent news of former Libertarian Presidential candidate Austin Petersen potentially being challenged by Missouri’s newly elected Attorney General, Josh Hawley, for the Republican nomination for Senate, the campaign went on the attack by setting up a petition to urge Hawley to finish his term. During the […]

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