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John McAfee Blames Bitcoin Dip On JP Morgan

Many claimed that the Bitcoin crash was upon the world when the coin reached a low of $9,600 after previously reaching prices over $19,000. Since then, the cryptocurrency has struggled to return to over $12,000. Some believed the crashes across all cryptocurrency were due to recent South Korean […]

John McAfee Calls US Dollar “Fraud” In Defense of Bitcoin

Since John McAfee’s run for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination in 2016, the tech giant has remained relatively quiet in the political realm. His personal and entrepreneurial life have not ceased, with the announcement of a movie based on his life, and his advocacy for cryptocurrencies. The MTG […]

Johnny Depp To Play Libertarian John McAfee In New Film

King of the Jungle, a film based on when John McAfee, 2016 candidate for the Libertarian party, fled to Belize to avoid his many lawsuits, will have Johnny Depp, star of Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lone Ranger and Public Enemies, playing the Antivirus tycoon. The movie will […]

John McAfee-“Government Using Terrorism to Gain Entry Into the Private Lives of Americans”

On Wednesday former Libertarian Presidential candidate John McAfee appeared on RT to discuss the security and privacy fears of the American people after the Senate rejected a proposal to allow the FBI access to people’s browser history. This issue is one of the key issues in our modern […]

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