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The Return of Basic Human Decency, Integrity, and Character

Last night after President-Elect Biden spoke to the nation to declare his victory I took my son upstairs to get his bath for the night and then put him down to sleep. The curiosity, joy, and love in him reminded me what life is all about. There are […]

Bold Prediction: Joe Biden Wins the State of Texas

Something big is happening in the state of Texas and it doesn’t bode well for the candidate that everyone thinks will win Texas, Donald Trump. First, Texas leads the nation in voter turnout with well over 100% of their total vote in 2016. High turnout is not good […]

Bold Prediction: Joe Biden Wins in a Landslide With Over 400 Electoral Votes

With the 2020 election voting process well underway it appears that signs are pointing to a blue wave sweeping across this country. Turnout among early voters is over 60 million votes already casted and we have a President who is going off the rails. The numbers are overwhelmingly […]

Op-Ed: Joe Biden is What America Needs At This Moment

Disclaimer: This is my opinion and my opinion alone. This is not the opinion of The Liberty Herald Written by George Freeman and published by The Liberty Herald The day I turned 18 in 2003 I registered to vote, and registered as a Republican. I was Chairman of […]

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