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GOP Now Trying to Blame Libertarians for Their Failures

It is always bound to happen, but the Republican Party is now starting to blame the Libertarians for their 2020 election loss. As Republicans start to leave their party and many are starting to join the Libertarian Party it is apparent that the GOP is scared of this […]

Final National Poll Shows Jo Jorgensen With 4% on Election Eve

The Presidential Election of 2020 is about to conclude in one of the weirdest election cycle’s in American History. Voting during a pandemic and four years of anger is about to come to an end. The Libertarian Party has done a lot over the past decade to gather […]

With Record Turnout Libertarian Presidential Candidate Will See Historic Numbers for the Party in 2020

With almost 60 Million people already voting in the 2020 Presidential election and just 9 days to go until Election Day the Libertarian Party candidate could be on pace to make history for the nations third largest political party. In 2016 then candidate Gary Johnson managed to rake […]

Libertarian Jo Jorgensen Polling at 4% in Colorado

As we are now days until the 2020 Presidential election the race is shaping up to be a clear one. On the third party front good news out of Colorado as new polling shows that the Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen is coming in at 4%. Enthusiasm seems to […]

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