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Pelosi Blames Gary Johnson & Jill Stein for Hillary Falling in the Polls

Talk about delusional thinking. Blaming credible third party challengers for the fall of your candidate. How about your candidate steps up and stops preaching perpetual war, and a social system that will bankrupt the country, etc. Give me a break!

New ABC Poll Says 1 in 3 Voters Still Considering a Third Party in November

A new poll by ABC this morning reports that 1 in 3 Americans are still considering the prospect of voting for a Third Political Party this November. Fifty-seven percent of Americans are dissatisfied with the choice between Donald Trump andHillary Clinton, according to the latest ABC News/Washington Post […]

Can Third Party Candidates Make It Into The Debates?

The Presidential debate commission released the other day the specific polls that they will use to determine who will make it past the threshold to be included in the fall debates. Gary Johnson has been pinning his hopes of winning on achieving the 15% necessary to be asked […]

Why Gary Johnson and Any Third Party Are Not “Wasted Votes”

As crazy as this election season has become it is hard to imagine that anybody would question the motives of voters that would consider voting for a third party. However, that ignorant rhetoric is flying high and hard like it does every 4 years. A local Atlanta CBS […]

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