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The Libertarian Party Of Nevada Condemns U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions

  Via the Libertarian Party of Nevada: The Libertarian Party of Nevada condemns U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s retraction of the Cole Memo. We refuse to condone the federal government’s desire to penalize victimless “crimes,” or otherwise sow fear, uncertainty, and doubt into Nevada’s newest industry. The War […]

Justin Amash Fires Back At Jeff Sessions With Bill

In response to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ rollback of an Obama administration policy allowing states to legalize marijuana, Michigan Rep. Justin Amash claims he has the perfect weapon to stop the AG’s announcement: the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017, a bill cosponsored by Amash. Under our […]

Donald Trump Considering Firing Jeff Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has been an stout opponent of liberty through bringing back minimum sentencing, wanting to revoke states legislation for medical marijuana, and restarting the police’s powers of civil asset forfeiture, may soon be out of a job due to his decision to recuse himself […]

Libertarian Party Calls Out Republicans

Arvin Vohra, Vice Chair of Libertarian Party, released an open letter to Republicans calling out their hypocrisy of calling themselves the small government party, while advocating for bigger government. This is a response to Attorney General Jeff Sessions announcing Friday that he would be reintroducing mandatory minimum sentencing. […]

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