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LP Iowa Excluded From State Polls Despite Major Party Status

Iowa’s recent poll on which party its resident would vote for in 2018 excluded the Libertarian Party despite that the Iowa party reached major party status in the last year. The Libertarian Party of Iowa earned the status due to Gary Johnson receiving 3.8% of the state’s votes; […]

LNC Vice Chair Candidate Jake Porter Announces Iowa Gubernatorial Run

Jake Porter, who announced his candidacy for Libertarian National Committee Vice Chairman in response to current Vice Chair Arvin Vohra’s comments on the military, has announced his campaign for governor of Iowa. “As governor, I would do a detailed analysis of every government department and agency in the […]

LP Iowa Fights GOP Activists, Keep House Candidate On Ballot

Via Libertarian Party of Iowa Facebook: GOP Party operatives, including Jefferson County Gubernatorial GOP Chair Marshan Roth, recently infiltrated a Libertarian Party special convention in an attempt to block Libertarian candidates from Iowa ballot access. The LPIA successfully blocked this effort in a hearing with SOS Paul Pate […]

Meet Jake Porter, Candidate for Libertarian Party Vice Chairman

The Libertarian Party Vice Chairman seat will be a hotly contested in the 2018 convention with many Libertarians announcing their intentions to run for the seat in response to current Vice-Chairman Arvin Vohra’s comments about the United States Military. Earlier in May, Trent Sommes III announced his intention […]

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