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Cuban Libertarian Party Joins UNPACU To Prevent A Political Murder

  Via Partido Libertario Cubano-Jose Marti Camagüey, Cuba (December 5, 2017) — The Cuban Libertarian Party is promoting an information campaign to prevent a political murder in Camagüey province! Fernando Vasquez Guerra is an UNPACU leader and highly effective activist in Camagüey who is wrongfully in prison today. […]

Cuban Libertarian Updates: Moving Cities & Instituto Mises Cubano Copyright Scandal

After much harassment and unrighteous arrests from the state, the Libertarian Party of Cuba has relocated to an undisclosed location to start a new library dedicated to spreading the values of freedom. The party released a statement yesterday saying that “[…]  we are all very enthusiastic to be […]

Libertarian Party of Cuba Releases Video Confronting State Police

Yesterday, the Libertarian Party of Cuba (Partido Libertario Cubano – Jose Marti) released a video to their Facebook of the members confronting state police stationed outside of their Chairwoman’s home. This video is part of what lead up to the raid on the party’s headquarters and arrest of […]

An Open Letter To Libertarians On Cuba

Since last night’s news of the Libertarian Party of Cuba’s headquarters being raided by state authorities, I have been in a bind. The Libertarian Party platform’s views on a non-interventionist government caused me to hesitate to contact my congressmen because, although my letter would most likely not result […]

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