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Donald J. Trump Impeached a Second Time; Historic Vote

The United States House of Representatives has made history. Never in the 231 year history of this country has a President been Impeached two times. That moment has been etched into the history books as Donald J. Trump has become the only President in American history to be […]

Mitch McConnell in Favor of Second Trump Impeachment

It appears that the Senate Majority leader, one of the highest ranking Republicans in Congress, is in favor of impeaching President Trump a second time following the terrorist attacks on the U.S. Capitol. The New York Times was the first to report this displeasure with the outgoing President. […]

The Case for Impeaching Trump (A Second Time)

The United States Congress is set to consider the second impeachment of President Trump following the attacks on the U.S. Capitol that he and his supporters instigated during their rally at the White House on Wednesday, January 6th. CNN laid out the single resolution that the House of […]

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz Praised Democrats’ Impeachment Presentation and Skewered Trump’s Defense as Looking Like ‘An 8th-grade Book Report’

The most staunch defender of President Trump during the initial impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives has changed his tone a little bit as the impeachment process has made it to the Senate for trial. From Business Insider: After the first day of opening arguments on Wednesday, […]

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