GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz Praised Democrats’ Impeachment Presentation and Skewered Trump’s Defense as Looking Like ‘An 8th-grade Book Report’

The most staunch defender of President Trump during the initial impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives has changed his tone a little bit as the impeachment process has made it to the Senate for trial. From Business Insider: After the first day of opening arguments on Wednesday, during which seven House impeachment managers —... Continue Reading →

Adam Schiff Makes Compelling Case for Trump Removal in Closing Arguments

Before the Trumpsters try to bash us for being liberal democrats for posting this let me remind them that we are Libertarians and have disdain for members of both the Republicans and Democrats. Trump is a disaster, he abused the power of his office, and should be removed from office. If he was a Democrat... Continue Reading →

The Impeachment Circus

Guest Article by Jacob Hornberger, Libertarian Party Candidate for President Amidst the impeachment circus in Washington, D.C., it is both amusing and revealing that neither Democrats nor Republicans are calling the abolition of foreign aid itself. That’s because they both want to continue using this crooked and corrupt program to bribe foreign regimes into doing... Continue Reading →

Top Trump Impeachment Lawyer in 1998: Doesn’t Have to Be a Crime to Impeach

The past weekend one of President Trump's top Impeachment lawyers who will defend him in the United States Senate took to the airwaves to suggest that in order for an impeachable offense to be levied against a President it has to be a crime. However, that was not his tone in 1998 during the Clinton... Continue Reading →

U.S. Senate Shutting the Public Out of Impeachment Trial

The impeachment trial of President Donald Trump is set to begin Tuesday and with much fanfare the American public is set to be shut out of the proceedings. From the New York Times: Journalists are up in arms about new restrictions on their movement inside the Capitol, which they say will prevent them from easily... Continue Reading →

President Trump Sends Fiery Response to the Senate in Regards to Impeachment Trial

The following letter was sent on behalf of President Trump and the lawyers representing him in the Senate Impeachment Trial: answer-of-president-donald-j.-trumpDownload

Trump Implicated In The Ukraine Scheme

In a bombshell Interview Lev Parnas, the Soviet-born businessman whose work in Ukraine with President Donald Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, described two occasions on which he delivered messages to Ukrainians that amounted to quid pro quos, demanding the announcement of an investigation into Biden and his son Hunter Biden in exchange for benefits from... Continue Reading →

Unredacted Documents Show Trump Explicitly Broke the Law; He Should Be Removed From Office

Unredacted documents reported on Thursday by Just Security show both why the Senate should hold a full presidential impeachment trial and the reasons President Trump’s actions regarding Ukraine were so improper. He should be removed from office for this gross violation of the law and the Constitution. The documents show repeated warnings from Defense Department officials to White House... Continue Reading →

Tulsi Gabbard: Impeachment Has ‘Greatly Increased the Likelihood’ of Trump Reelection and GOP Retaking House

While we supported the impeachment of President Trump on the grounds that he abused his power, we are going to have to agree with Tulsi Gabbard that the impeachment of Trump has only increased the likelihood that he will be reelected and possibly the Republicans regaining control of the House of Representatives. From The Hill:... Continue Reading →

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