Criticisms #8: No Groups, Ever!

Continuing my series on libertarian criticisms, I will address the argument that libertarians want no groups or anyone to ever do anything in groups. This argument first appeared to me when I was browsing articles and essays searching for the most common criticisms of libertarianism. An author for Ethical Spectacle, wrote an essay entitled Why... Continue Reading →

Libertarian Party Calls Out Republicans

Arvin Vohra, Vice Chair of Libertarian Party, released an open letter to Republicans calling out their hypocrisy of calling themselves the small government party, while advocating for bigger government. This is a response to Attorney General Jeff Sessions announcing Friday that he would be reintroducing mandatory minimum sentencing. Sessions also wants become more tough on... Continue Reading →

Criticisms #4: Divided We Fall

by Luke Henderson Continuing my articles meant to address the common criticisms of libertarianism, this week I planned on doing something a little different and addressing a criticism of libertarians from other libertarians. A recent article on Being Libertarian claimed that the infighting between liberty-minded people needs to cease so that we can appear to... Continue Reading →

Response to Forbes Article Claiming Capitalism Will Starve Humanity

by Luke Henderson While perusing my timeline, an article written last February by Drew Hansen caught my eye as it claimed that capitalism will starve the planet in the next 30 years. This was surprising, as Forbes normally publishes articles on the free market and new, upcoming entrepreneurs, and Steve Forbes has a book published... Continue Reading →

Criticisms #3: The Free-For-All Argument

by Luke Henderson Continuing my articles meant to address the common criticisms of libertarianism, this week I will discuss the misconception of libertarians wanting a no rules, anything goes society. Most who claim that a libertarian society would be absolute chaos rely on slippery slope fallacies to frame their argument. RJ Eskow said in an... Continue Reading →

Criticisms #2: Libertarianism is a Return to Feudalism

By Luke Henderson Continuing my series of articles meant to address the common criticisms of libertarianism, this week we will discuss the argument that a libertarian societal would be a return to a feudal society. To read my first article on libertarians and compassion for the poor, click here. I originally stumbled upon this point... Continue Reading →

Being Libertarian Faced Off Against One of Salon’s Writers

By Luke Henderson This past Wednesday Eric July, co-founder of Being Libertarian and Jared Howe, Assistant Media Director of Being Libertarian debated Jeremy Sherman of Salon over libertarianism, government and capitalism.   The debate was set up after July read Sherman’s article “Hey libertarians: Do you want more freedom and less government? You can’t have both”... Continue Reading →

Preservation of Libertarian History Becomes Priority For The National Party

The Libertarian Party was founded 45 years ago in 1971 as an alternative to the two major parties in the United States. Since that time the party has seen growth in membership and elected officials, and particularly following the 2016 election the party saw its best performance in history at all levels. As the largest political... Continue Reading →

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