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Pelosi Blames Gary Johnson & Jill Stein for Hillary Falling in the Polls

Talk about delusional thinking. Blaming credible third party challengers for the fall of your candidate. How about your candidate steps up and stops preaching perpetual war, and a social system that will bankrupt the country, etc. Give me a break!

Gary Johnson Has More Daily Newspaper Endorsements than Donald Trump

With the campaign for President in full swing, the country is on the verge of choosing its next leader. It would appear that many in this country are starting to look beyond the old age system we have had in place for centuries and turning to new ideas […]

CNN Is Rigging Their Polls In Favor Of The Two Party System

CNN released their brand new national election poll in conjunction with Opinion Research Corporation¬†and the findings are a little startling. First, it has Governor Gary Johnson down to 7% nationally which does not help his chance of making it into the debates since the CNN/ORC poll is one […]

What the Electoral College Map Could Look Like With The New Washington Post Poll

This morning, The Washington Post released a poll of all 50 states they conducted with Survey Monkey. In this poll, it showed Governor Gary Johnson polling over 15% in 15 different states across the country. So we decided to put together another Electoral College map that shows Gary […]

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