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Mainstream Media Continues to Attack Gary Johnson’s Foreign Policy Knowledge; Ignores Donald Trump’s Crazy Approach To World Affairs

There has been yet another attempt to discredit Gary Johnson and his foreign policy experience with questions unrelated to the underlining policy of the United States. Business Insider is reporting the following: Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson seems to have drawn a blank again. In an interview with The New […]

Beyond the Gaffes; Gary Johnson Is Still Gaining Momentum and Popularity Across This Country

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for President, has made some mistakes over the past few weeks in the world of foreign policy. The media elites still won’t back down from these two minor mistakes, but their game of boxing somebody they perceive as inexperienced into a corner doesn’t […]

The Biggest Loser of Last Night’s Presidential Debate Was America

The first Presidential debate took place last night between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. With a display of patheticness and bigotry, the American people saw a display between the two major party candidates that was filled with personal attacks and not actual substance on the issues. The American […]

Democrats Now Fear the Gary Johnson Candidacy as Clinton Poll Numbers Fall

Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers against Donald Trump have fallen to all-time lows, and now according to Real Clear Politics is barely holding on to a victory in the Electoral College. Now that we have seen the collapse of the Clinton campaign the blame is starting to go around […]

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