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Liberal Democratic Effort to Undermine the Johnson/Weld Campaign By Suggesting that Weld Has Dropped Out Is Disproved

As we approach the 2016 Presidential election there are more rumors swirling the internet that Libertarian VP nominee Bill Weld has dropped out of the race and told voters to support Hillary Clinton. There have been multiple rumors this election season using this same narrative, and they have […]

Donald Trump Employs Communist Stalin Technique In Last Night’s Debate; Threatens to Jail His Opponent

Despite what most people might think about the situation with Hillary Clinton and her emails, Donald Trump took it one step further last night that showcases his strong-arm fascist thinking. Yes, Hillary Clinton probably broke the law when it comes to her email controversy, but despite that thinking, […]

The Libertarian Party Is On The Verge Of Making History Thanks to Donald Trump

The Liberty movement has been trying to make its splash for some time in American politics.  Starting in 2008 there was the rise of Congressman Ron Paul who brought to life a new generation of Liberty loving Americans that wanted change in this country. That spread into the […]

RNC Moves To Stop Promoting Trump After Scandal

In the 24 hours following the October surprise against the Donald Trump campaign, it appears that the Republican National Committee is abandoning their victory plan to get Donald Trump elected President. According to emails obtained by Politico of Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, was released by The Washington Post, the Republican […]

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