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You can blame the electoral college for Trump winning; But don’t blame Gary Johnson and Jill Stein

As the dust settles on the Presidential election many are searching for answers to how, and why, Donald Trump won the Presidency. Many are making the argument against the Electoral College, since Clinton seems to have won the popular vote, as the major reason. However, there are many […]

The Libertarian Vindicator Election Prediction-Clinton Electoral Victory, 5.3% for Gary Johnson

It is Saturday, November 5th, and we are now two full days away from the most dynamic Presidential election in American history. We have the two most polarizing and unpopular Presidential candidates in American history running, and the prospect of historic showings by third parties are high. This […]

Bill Weld Turned Rogue in Final Week of Campaign; Defends Hillary Clinton’s Email Controversy

With less than a week to go before the Presidential election, Libertarian Vice-Presidential nominee has gone rogue and defended Hillary Clinton’s recent email controversy by calling her a person of high moral character. Rachel Maddow, smelling blood, mused that “The Libertarian Party hasn’t treated you great if they’re […]

New Gary Johnson Ad is the Best One of His Campaign-“Stuck in the Middle With You”

As the election draws nearer, the political ads will be ramping up across this country. Governor Gary Johnson is no exception to this, but the big difference is his newest campaign ad is the best one of his campaign. Gary Johnson and Bill Weld offer a breath of […]

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