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LNC Vice Chair Candidate Jake Porter Announces Iowa Gubernatorial Run

Jake Porter, who announced his candidacy for Libertarian National Committee Vice Chairman in response to current Vice Chair Arvin Vohra’s comments on the military, has announced his campaign for governor of Iowa. “As governor, I would do a detailed analysis of every government department and agency in the […]

Larry Sharpe To Make Big Announcement Tonight

Rumors have been circulating that Larry Sharpe will run to replace Arvin Vohra as the Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party, or that he will be running for the presidential nomination in 2020, or that he will be running for Governor of New York in 2018. Tonight at […]

Illinois House Overrides Governor’s Veto, Raises Taxes 32%

After going 736 days without a budget, the Illinois House finally pushed one through. This may not be enough to save the state from a junk bond rating. This would make Illinois the first state to ever fall to this rating. CNN describes the state’s current financial situation […]

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