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Joe Exotic Censured By Oklahoma LP

Joe Exotic Cesnured By LP Oklahoma

Merissa Hamilton Leaves LP After Asked To Step Down

Update 2/16/2018 5:11PM: The original article did not state when Ms. Hamilton was asked to step down and the date is now included. Ms. Hamilton is also not currently a candidate for Governor or running for any position currently. More information from Ms. Hamilton was also added to […]

“A Significant Amount Of Libertarians Seem Downright Delusional On Politics” Says Zoltan Istvan

“Get A Grip On Reality, Libertarians – Win Some Elections” exclaims the title of California gubernatorial candidate for the Libertarian Party, Zoltan Istvan in his new Op-Ed for The Daily Caller. Due to his belief in the Scientific Method, Istvan states that he believes that he is “realistic” […]

Larry Sharpe First LP Gov. Candidate To Reach 6 Figures In First Quarter

Libertarian Party candidate for Governor of New York and former Libertarian Party Vice Presidential has led an extremely active campaign with appearances on Capital Tonight and CBS, and weekly live videos addressing the issues that New Yorker’s face. The candidates activity has paid off, as Larry Sharpe has […]

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