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Larry Sharpe Exploring Another Run for Governor of New York

Larry Sharpe, a favorite among many inside Libertarians, is exploring another run for Governor of New York. The Libertarian favorite ran for New York Governor in 2018 and gathered around 1.7% of the vote, or over 95,000 votes. On the heels of a government default and many other […]

Joe Exotic Censured By Oklahoma LP

Joe Exotic Cesnured By LP Oklahoma

Merissa Hamilton Leaves LP After Asked To Step Down

Update 2/16/2018 5:11PM: The original article did not state when Ms. Hamilton was asked to step down and the date is now included. Ms. Hamilton is also not currently a candidate for Governor or running for any position currently. More information from Ms. Hamilton was also added to […]

“A Significant Amount Of Libertarians Seem Downright Delusional On Politics” Says Zoltan Istvan

“Get A Grip On Reality, Libertarians – Win Some Elections” exclaims the title of California gubernatorial candidate for the Libertarian Party, Zoltan Istvan in his new Op-Ed for The Daily Caller. Due to his belief in the Scientific Method, Istvan states that he believes that he is “realistic” […]

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