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GOP Support of Trumpism Will Draw Away Libertarians

The gop and the libertarians The Republican Party is at a fork in the road. Once the party of Lincoln, Eisenhower, and Reagan they have taken a turn in a totally different direction. The way that Donald Trump has shaped the GOP will have a lasting impact for […]

The Tea Party 2.0: Taking Back the Heart and Soul of the GOP

The Republican Party has been consumed by the Trump philosophy the past four years and before that was taken over by the Neo-Conservatives. A new revolution is taking place at the grassroots to take the opportunity to regain the soul of the Republican Party and usher in a […]

The GOP Establishment Will Always Shun Liberty Minded Candidates Like Austin Petersen

Not going to necessarily say I told you so. However, Austin Petersen is now learning the hard end of the GOP establishment and the will to shut out Liberty minded voices in their party. From the Kansas City Star: The Missouri Republican Party’s executive committee voted 12-1 to […]

Austin Petersen Signs Pledge To Only Vote For Balanced Budgets

Former Libertarian Party presidential candidate and current candidate for Senator Austin Petersen has taken the Coalition to Reduce Spending‘s pledge to not vote for any budget that isn’t balanced or adds spending. “I am committed to balancing the budget and even passing a Balanced Budget amendment. Our economy […]

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