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Sign The Petition To Draft Gary Johnson For Senate

By Luke Henderson The Centrist Project, an organization dedicated to creating change through supporting centrist independent candidates and centrist policies, has released a petition to draft Gary Johnson to run for Senate in 2018. The petition states “We’ve identified a number of qualified candidates who have shown a willingness to focus […]

Post-2016 Election Analysis: Gary Johnson Did Amazing Things for the Libertarian Party

It has been over 3 months since the Presidential election of 2016.  An election that saw one of the most tumultuous events in American history with the election of Donald J. Trump to the White House.  Many people cheered, many cried, and others were just plain pissed off at […]

Gary Johnson has Been High ‘Pretty Much Constantly’ Since the Election

Whether the story is true (we really hope it is), there are reports that Gary Johnson has been high almost constantly since the end of the 2016 Election. From The American Tribune: In a recent candid interview, Johnson was quoted saying, “I’m pretty high right now”. Asked to […]

On The Heels of Historic Run, Libertarian Gary Johnson Says He Will Not Seek Public Office Again

Following the most successful Libertarian run at the Presidency, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson says he will not seek public office again. From the Las Vegas Review-Journal: ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson says he has no regrets about running for president for the […]

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