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Gary Johnson Biking from Canada to Mexico

Former Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson is currently biking from the Canadian border to the Mexican border in order to test his athleticism. The feat is called the Continental Divide which begins in Banff, Alberta and is completed in Antelope Wells, New Mexico, a span of over 2700 […]

Breaking: Legal Battle Against Presidential Debate Commission Rages On

Breaking his silence since the 2016 Presidential Election, Governor Gary Johnson informed his followers that the fight against the Presidential Debate Commission is raging on. From IVN: The legal battle against the Commission on Presidential Debates(CPD) entered a new chapter this week. Plaintiffs in Level the Playing Field, […]

New Nebraska Bill Makes It Easier For Libertarians To Remain On Ballot

In the first week of May, Governor Pete Ricketts allowed a bill to go into effect that would allow a party to maintain ballot access if they have 10,000 or more registered members or if a candidate polls at 5% in any of the last two statewide elections. […]

Criticisms #5: The Koch Brothers Conspiracy

by Luke Henderson While watching Being Libertarian’s debate with one of Salon’s writers, I noticed a brief but awkward stall in the conversation. Jeremy Sherman assumed that Eric July and Jared Howe both followed the Koch brothers, of which there were both quick to deny. This may seem […]

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