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Happy 4/20! The State of Marijuana In Our Country Today

by Robert J. Bentley Today is the day celebrate by marijuana aficionados as a time to celebrate the usage and consumption of marijuana products. It is regarded as a day of freedom and celebration of our ability to make free decisions for ourselves and bodies. A lot has […]

Criticisms #2: Libertarianism is a Return to Feudalism

By Luke Henderson Continuing my series of articles meant to address the common criticisms of libertarianism, this week we will discuss the argument that a libertarian societal would be a return to a feudal society. To read my first article on libertarians and compassion for the poor, click […]

Criticisms #1: How to Combat “Libertarians Don’t Care About the Poor”

  By Luke Henderson This is the first in a series of articles meant to address the common criticisms of libertarianism. I feel it is important for lovers of liberty to know what the other sides think of us and can adequately display how our philosophy is more […]

Donald Trump Attacks and Declares War on the House Freedom Caucus

Following his embarrassing defeat of Obamacare Lite, Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to attack the one group of Congressman that are actually trying to bring freedom and liberty back to America, the House Freedom Caucus. From the Independent Journal Review: President Trump just went Defcon 1 on Twitter […]

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