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Freedom Reigns! Colorado Pot Sales Hit a Record $1.5 Billion in 2017

When the state of Colorado became the first in the country to legalize recreational marijuana there were many predictions of failures and rampant crime. Since that day there has been a decrease in crime and now huge revenues for the Rocky Mountain state. The Colorado Department of Revenue says […]

Freedom Under Assault as AG Sessions to End Policy that Allowed Marijuana to Prosper Across the Country

The Attorney General announced today that he will be ending the policy set forth by the Obama Administration that paved the way for states like Colorado to legalize the recreational sale and distribution of marijuana. From The Hill: Attorney General Jeff Sessions will roll back an Obama-era policy that gave […]

Adam Kokesh’s Vehicle Breaks Down On Tour, Needs Assistance

Adam Kokesh’s Taxation is Theft tour hit an unexpected speedbump when the Freedom-mobile’s rear axle broke. The libertarian stated on social media “Life on the road is always a challenge, but we didn’t expect this financial challenge to hit so soon on the #TaxationIsTheft tour.” The team is […]

Bitcoin Setting Records Like a Beast!

Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that everyone tried to laugh off years ago is on a huge surge in recent months. Already higher than the price of gold Bitcoin is on the verge of breaking into the $2,400 territory. From CBC News: The value of bitcoin has surged more than […]

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