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The Emperor Has No State

If there’s one thing that defines all libertarians, it’s the belief that freedom from coercion and force is the right of every human being and the only true path to peace and prosperity. Now, this begs the question: what exactly constitutes coercion and force? For many libertarians, it comes […]

“Government Contract” Does Not Mean Free Market

I’m sitting here at 8 am with a fussy 3-week old because at 8:01am I am calling my phone/internet/cable provider on the minute they open so I can find out why I have lost service five times in the last two weeks and why my internet has been […]

Criticisms #7: Liberty the Social Darwinist

Continuing my series on libertarian criticisms, I will address the argument that libertarianism equates with social Darwinism. This will be a more focused view of the arguments I made in my third criticisms article about libertarians wanting a dog eat dog society. Once again, the most recent expression […]

Leftists Support Property Rights When Gym Refuses To Serve Richard Spencer

Free markets leading to discrimination is a common criticism among the left due to conservatives and libertarians views that the government has no place to tell a business who they can and cannot serve. Imani Gandy of Rewire claims “[…] if we could rely on the free market […]

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