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Jacob Hornberger Says This Country Needs One Thing; End the Federal Reserve

In the following video Jacob Hornberger explains how President Trump and his Republican and Democrat cohorts are using the Federal Reserve to plunder and loot the American people in order to bail out the big corporations and politically connected businesses and industries in America. He also puts the […]

Donald Trump Leading a Stealth Communist Revolution By Nationalizing American Industries

The coronavirus pandemic has taken quite the turn when it comes to Economics. As everybody is in panic mode, sheltering in place, and businesses shutting doors, Donald Trump and the Federal Reserve are leading a behind the scenes communist revolution with the nationalization of American industries. Peter Schiff, […]

On The Looming Recession

The reality of the situation is that many countries around the world are in a state of limbo in which, although there’s no panic, there’s no growth either.

Time for Trump to End the Fed

I am not usually one to praise President Trump, but with the recent attacks on the federal reserve from our crazy President I can’t help but be hopeful. From CNBC: President Donald Trump on Tuesday reiterated that the U.S. Federal Reserve was raising interest rates too quickly but […]

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