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Trump to issue 100 pardons and commutations Tuesday, sources say

With his final days in office upon us the rumors are swirling around the possibility of pardons that might come down from Donald Trump in his waining hours. He has already issued some controversial pardons in the past couple of months since losing the election, but there are […]

Parler’s website is back online with message for lovers and haters

Parler, the conservative/MAGA social media alternative, is back online Sunday evening with a brief message from the CEO John Matze. After losing its hosting abilities this previous week it seems that they are slowly inching their way back into the cyber world.

Trump Weighing Pardon for Snowden & Assange; According to Sources

With just three days left in office President Trump has been hiding in the White House, but according to sources close to The Liberty Herald he is mulling over issuing pardons for Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. This wouldn’t be the first time in recent months that the […]

Biden’s COVID Relief Plan Packed With Pork for State & Local Gov’t

President-Elect Biden unveiled his nearly $2 Trillion COIVD relief plan on Thursday and already out of the gate we are packing it full of pork for state and local governments that might not need the assistance. From the New York Times: Mr. Biden’s plan would provide $440 billion […]

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