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Ron Paul Blocked From Managing His Facebook Page

With absolutely no explanation former Congressman and Presidential Candidate Ron Paul has been blocked by Facebook. We have noticed a lot of purging happening with accounts on Twitter, but this is the first big one from Facebook that we have seen. Congressman Paul, who hosts a daily show […]

Apple Fights to Protect the Privacy of Americans

There is currently an ongoing fight between two big tech companies over their role in the privacy of the American people. Apple announced about a month ago that all new apps and app updates submitted to the App Store must contain a privacy “nutrition label” that was introduced […]

Adam Kokesh To Leave Facebook

2020 Libertarian presidential candidate Adam Kokesh announced that he will be leaving Facebook due to the social media platform’s perceived bias towards certain political views. “I will no longer support a platform that censors my content and forces me to pay to reach people who value my work,” […]

How Social Media Makes Politicians More Accountable

By Luke Henderson Politicians using social media accounts isn’t a new phenomenon, but the current President of the United States has used his in an unparalleled way. It seems most media stories revolving around Donald Trump have at least one screenshot or one quote from his infamous twitter. […]

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