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What the Electoral College Map Could Look Like With The New Washington Post Poll

This morning, The Washington Post released a poll of all 50 states they conducted with Survey Monkey. In this poll, it showed Governor Gary Johnson polling over 15% in 15 different states across the country. So we decided to put together another Electoral College map that shows Gary […]

Gary Johnson Should Focus on the 3 States He Can Win; Ignore the Debate Stage

As we get closer to the Presidential election and the first Presidential debate later this month it is becoming clear that the two-party establishment is going to stop any third party inclusion onto the debate stage. Gary Johnson has pinned his hopes on making the Presidential debates, but […]

Best Case Electoral College Scenario for Gary Johnson & The Libertarian Party

We have run stories in the past about the potential electoral success for Gary Johnson which includes an electoral college number as high as 161 electoral votes. But what is the best case scenario for the former Governor of New Mexico? There is the high potential for Johnson […]

99 Electoral Votes a Real Possibility for Governor Gary Johnson & The Libertarian Party

Read our updated story: 161 Electoral Votes a Possibility for Gary Johnson We have now run two stories on the electoral possibilities for Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party.  We are now prepared to update our electoral map and push the Libertarian former Governor up to 99 electoral votes in […]

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