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117 Electoral Votes a Very Real Possibility for Justin Amash and The Libertarian Party

The 2020 election is gearing up in the midst of a global pandemic. The two major parties have their candidates lined up and the nations largest third party has a new dynamic candidate that just announced his intention to run in Justin Amash. Amash brings a whole new […]

77 Electoral Votes a Real Possibility if Justin Amash Runs for President

The 2020 Presidential Election is shaping up to be one of the most interesting in this country’s history which is masked behind the coronavirus pandemic. With most people staying home, working from home, and glued to social media the campaign for President is going to take a different […]

The Electoral College is the Only Firewall to Stop a Trump Presidency & It Is a Real Possibility

The Presidential election has come and gone, but there are 538 people in this country that hold a big responsibility and that is actually electing the next President of the United States. There is a growing movement across this country of Electors that are considering the possibility of becoming […]

You can blame the electoral college for Trump winning; But don’t blame Gary Johnson and Jill Stein

As the dust settles on the Presidential election many are searching for answers to how, and why, Donald Trump won the Presidency. Many are making the argument against the Electoral College, since Clinton seems to have won the popular vote, as the major reason. However, there are many […]

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