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The Supreme Court Won’t Save Trump

Joe Biden is the president-elect. Yet President Donald Trump continues to deny it, peddling conspiracy theories to explain his defeat at the hands of his Democratic challenger. Trump has also turned to the courts for help. His campaign has filed a series of increasingly desperate and far-fetched lawsuits that seek to undermine […]

Trump’s Desperate Attempt to Hold Onto Power is Towing the Line of a Dictator

Coming off the plane were two lawmakers from the state of Michigan to meet with the President in the White House. These were senior members of the state legislature in a state that the President lost by over 100,000 votes. They were being summoned to the White House […]

How the Libertarian Party Missed Their Biggest Opportunity

The 2020 election ushered in a new wave of voters across America with record turnout and saw roughly 150 Million people voting. However, the Libertarian Party could only muster 1.7 million votes this year. This is not a knock at Jo Jorgensen at all as she ran the […]

The Return of Basic Human Decency, Integrity, and Character

Last night after President-Elect Biden spoke to the nation to declare his victory I took my son upstairs to get his bath for the night and then put him down to sleep. The curiosity, joy, and love in him reminded me what life is all about. There are […]

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