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Time For Libertarians To Move On; Let Go Of Hating The Gary Johnson Campaign

In my time as an active member of the Libertarian Party I have learned one key feature about this party; they eat their own.  Libertarians are some of the most intense individuals in American politics. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing and it drives the passion they have […]

Post-2016 Election Analysis: Gary Johnson Did Amazing Things for the Libertarian Party

It has been over 3 months since the Presidential election of 2016.  An election that saw one of the most tumultuous events in American history with the election of Donald J. Trump to the White House.  Many people cheered, many cried, and others were just plain pissed off at […]

Gary Johnson Makes His Final Pitch to Voters; Prime for Historic Showing Tonight

The 2016 election is finally upon us. After months of bickering and display’s of corruption and insanity the American people have a chance to make their voices heard. The Libertarian Party is in a prime position to make a historic showing in this election. Donald Trump and Hillary […]

The Libertarian Vindicator Election Prediction-Clinton Electoral Victory, 5.3% for Gary Johnson

It is Saturday, November 5th, and we are now two full days away from the most dynamic Presidential election in American history. We have the two most polarizing and unpopular Presidential candidates in American history running, and the prospect of historic showings by third parties are high. This […]

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