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Jacob Hornberger: Separate School and State

Separate school and state. Every child has a natural thirst for learning, as demonstrated by his incessant use of that three-letter word that bedevils every parent: “Why?” By the time children graduate high school, however, that natural desire to learn has been drummed out of them by a […]

The Federal Government Needs To Get Out of the Education Business

by Robert J. Bentley President Trump signed an executive order this past Wednesday that starts the process of pulling back the federal government’s control over K-12 education in the United States. From the Washington Times: President Trump signed an executive order Wednesday to start pulling the federal government […]

Upset About Betsy Devos’ Confirmation? We Have The Solution! Abolish The Department of Education!

Today, the United States Senate confirmed in a historic vote the nomination of Betsy Devos to be the next Secretary of Education. With the Senate tied at 50-50 the new Vice-President, Mike Pence, had to assume his only constitutional role and break the tie in the Senate. There […]

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