Criticisms #6: Libertarianism Is For the White Man

Introduction That the leftists of the world simply call everyone they disagree with a racist can be a bit of an exaggeration, but as I was researching for this week’s discussion, I found so many articles claiming that Libertarians are just a front for white male dominance, I thought that surely this was a joke... Continue Reading →

Delaware Councilmen Who Switched to Libertarian Party Reelected

Ed Zielinski, councilman for Elsemere, Delaware, has been reelected. Councilman Zielinski switched to Libertarian party from the Republican party in September 2016 and claimed his switch was because “I had received no support for liberty legislation. The council has continually pushed for spending and tax increases.” This past March, he fought for better government transparency... Continue Reading →

Criticisms #5: The Koch Brothers Conspiracy

by Luke Henderson While watching Being Libertarian’s debate with one of Salon’s writers, I noticed a brief but awkward stall in the conversation. Jeremy Sherman assumed that Eric July and Jared Howe both followed the Koch brothers, of which there were both quick to deny. This may seem odd, but accusing the libertarian party of... Continue Reading →

Libertarian Tipping Wave Sweeps The Country

What started as a Reddit post has now expanded to a movement of Libertarians giving gifts instead of tips to waitresses. The Missouri resident left a note on the receipt of “Taxation is Theft” along with an explanation that “This is not a tip. This is a personal gift and not subject to federal or... Continue Reading →

Thomas Massie Still Fighting Amended Trumpcare

by Luke Henderson Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie stated in an interview with The Blaze still plans to vote against the new Healthcare bill even with the new amendments. States can now opt out of certain regulations that would include requirements for insurance companies to base premiums on the health of the individual. Congressman Massie states... Continue Reading →

Criticisms #4: Divided We Fall

by Luke Henderson Continuing my articles meant to address the common criticisms of libertarianism, this week I planned on doing something a little different and addressing a criticism of libertarians from other libertarians. A recent article on Being Libertarian claimed that the infighting between liberty-minded people needs to cease so that we can appear to... Continue Reading →

Response to Forbes Article Claiming Capitalism Will Starve Humanity

by Luke Henderson While perusing my timeline, an article written last February by Drew Hansen caught my eye as it claimed that capitalism will starve the planet in the next 30 years. This was surprising, as Forbes normally publishes articles on the free market and new, upcoming entrepreneurs, and Steve Forbes has a book published... Continue Reading →

FCC Set to Repeal Net Neutrality

by Luke Henderson Regulations set in 2015 by the Federal Communications Commission requiring internet service providers to allow access to websites without blocking or favoring certain ones, commonly known as net neutrality, are set to be repealed. President Trump’s FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, stated “Going forward, we cannot stick to regulations from the Great Depression... Continue Reading →

Criticisms #3: The Free-For-All Argument

by Luke Henderson Continuing my articles meant to address the common criticisms of libertarianism, this week I will discuss the misconception of libertarians wanting a no rules, anything goes society. Most who claim that a libertarian society would be absolute chaos rely on slippery slope fallacies to frame their argument. RJ Eskow said in an... Continue Reading →

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