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Inconsistent Democrats flip on Mininum Wage

In 2014, Chris Coons voted to raise the Minimum Wage and it failed. In 2021, when it had a high chance of success, he voted against raising the Minimum Wage.

Time for Trump to End the Fed

I am not usually one to praise President Trump, but with the recent attacks on the federal reserve from our crazy President I can’t help but be hopeful. From CNBC: President Donald Trump on Tuesday reiterated that the U.S. Federal Reserve was raising interest rates too quickly but […]

Liberty Hangout Challenges Anarchyball to Debate

Open vs. closed borders is always a touchy topic when it comes to libertarians that can split our variety fo viewpoints. This conflict came to a head yesterday morning, as Liberty Hangout announced on Twitter that it would be challenging the satire page, Anarchyball, to a debate on […]

Puerto Votes To Become 51st State

Sunday, 97% percent of voters in Puerto Rico voted in favor of joining the United States as the 51st state. The governor of Puerto Rico will now send two senators and five representatives to request statehood from Congress. The Hill reports that the Puerto Rican efforts may not […]

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