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americans soldiers in line to get in a plane

Anti-war Americans have no home with the Republicans and Democrats

by Bekah Congdon, originally published on LP.org Last week, President Joe Biden began his second month in office by ordering an airstrike in Syria without receiving congressional authorization. At about the same time, Biden received a US intelligence report that confirmed what has long been known: that the brutal […]

Biden Rejects Staff Over Cannabis Consumption.

Biden has expressed moderate support for the decriminalization of Cannabis but has routinely taken opposition to legalization. While he says no one should be in jail for a drug crime, he also puts in the effort to send his own staff away over cannabis usage. This is incredibly […]

Inconsistent Democrats flip on Mininum Wage

In 2014, Chris Coons voted to raise the Minimum Wage and it failed. In 2021, when it had a high chance of success, he voted against raising the Minimum Wage.

Democratic Party Snubs Tulsi Gabbard in Unity Fundraising Video Featuring the Candidates

The Democratic Party is up to there old ways again. This time they made a unity fundraiser video featuring 10 of their candidates running for President, but failed to include the one candidate that has routinely called the party out on their BS, Tulsi Gabbard. From News Week: […]

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