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Gary Johnson Crashes the Democratic Convention with Reason Magazine

Like he did last week, the Libertarian candidate for President Gary Johnson is crashing one of the major party conventions seeking to highlight to voters that he is the alternative to Trump and Clinton. Governor Johnson sat down with Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie of Reason Magazine to […]

Poll: Who Are You Voting for In November?

We are conducting a poll of our readers on who they plan to vote for in November. Please vote and share with your friends and family.        

How to Talk With Your Democratic Friend Following the Betrayal​ of the DNC

The beginning of the Democratic National Convention didn’t start off the way the leaders of the DNC had hoped.  An email leak that proved their system of elections are corrupt, and the boxing out of Bernie Sanders supporters have left many Democrats without direction this election cycle. An […]

Gary Johnson Still Closing in on Debate Stage in New CBS Poll Following Trump Coronation at the RNC

Every Presidential candidate gets a poll bump from their convention, and Donald Trump is no exception.  However, the problem that Trump has is he can’t shake the rise of a third party candidate and the new CBS poll this morning shows that Gary Johnson is still in the […]

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