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Democrats on the Verge of Taking Over the House of Representatives

The midterm elections are upon us and there seems to be a large shift away from the direction that Donald Trump has taken this country. According to a recent CBS News-YouGov poll the Democrats have a very high probability of taking over the House of Representatives. From CBS […]

Upcoming Democratic “Revolution” & Libertarian Opportunities

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made news this week when she beat out the fourth-ranking House Democrat.  Her opponent (Joe Crowley) had served 20 years and was often named as a possible replacement for Nancy Pelosi as leader. Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s victory set off a lot of discussion of a “Tea Party”-like […]

Former NM Democratic State Rep. Switches To LP

The recent trend of politician’s switching to the Libertarian Party continues with the newly registered former State Representative of New Mexico, Sandra Jeff. Previously a Democrat, Jeff believes that “I see myself as a Libertarian because of me being a moderate Democrat, working with both parties.” The former […]

National Debt Has Grown $9 Trillion in 8 Years Under Democrats and Republicans

The national debt is the key fundamental foundation to our economic problems as a country. It seems that only a select group of people are the only ones that care about what the national debt and discuss it in depth. Most people will try to blame the current […]

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