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The 2 Party Duopoly Is Excluding Colorado Senate Candidate From Debate Because of 0.023%

Here at The Libertarian Vindicator we have discussed multiple times the power that the two party system has over the political system in the United States. They will do anything they can to stop competition and prevent the American people from being exposed to different ideas about government. […]

Gary Johnson Might Get Into the Presidential Debates After All

15% has been the magic number for the Gary Johnson campaign, and they have been working hard to hit that mark in order to be included in the fall Presidential debates. ¬†Johnson and the Green Party filed a lawsuit against the Presidential Debate Commission last year arguing that […]

Gary Johnson Has Until August 15 to Get the 15% for the Debate Stage

Now that both major political parties have had their national conventions the general election is now full force and the Presidential debates will be the next big event. For a third party, this is a critical time in order to gain the support necessary to be included in […]

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