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Breaking News: Gary Johnson NOT Invited to 2nd Presidential Debate

Once again the two party system has won and ignored the voice of millions of voters in the United States. The CPD just released the following statement about the next Presidential debate. Washington, D.C. (October 4, 2016) – The nonpartisan, non-profit Commission on Presidential Debates (“CPD”) announced today […]

Member of Presidential Debate Commission Wants Gary Johnson In The Debates

Last week the Commission on Presidential Debates excluded Gary Johnson from the first debate to take place next week. However, a leading member of the commission wants to see Gary Johnson in the debates. From the IndyStar: WASHINGTON — Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson should be allowed to participate […]

Gary Johnson Fails to Make The First Debate; Not the End of the Fight

The Presidential Debate Commission ruled today that Gary Johnson and Jill Stein will not be allowed to participate in the first nationally televised Presidential debate.  After failing to pull on average 15% in the five polls that the commission used, Johnson loses his fight for now. From CNN Washington (CNN)Libertarian […]

Can Gary Johnson Get On The Debate Stage?

As the clock ticks on the Commission on Presidential Debates and their decision on who will be allowed to debate at the end of September many are wondering if Gary Johnson will make that debate stage. As Johnson has been having a great few months, the question still […]

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