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An Open Letter To Libertarians On Cuba

Since last night’s news of the Libertarian Party of Cuba’s headquarters being raided by state authorities, I have been in a bind. The Libertarian Party platform’s views on a non-interventionist government caused me to hesitate to contact my congressmen because, although my letter would most likely not result […]

Update: State Charging Cuban Libertarian Party President & VP

Via Being Libertarian UPDATE: This story has taken a turn into absurdity; what was an example of a tyrannical government suppressing free speech and other civil liberties has devolved into something resembling a chapter from Catch-22. From one of our sources that has direct contact with the Cuban […]

Libertarian Party Of Cuba Officers Arrested By State

  Last night, the Officers of the newly formed Partido Libertario Cubano – Jose Marti were taken by State Officers according to the organization’s Facebook. Fifth Column reports that officers stormed the headquarters and arrested everyone inside. https://www.facebook.com/PartidoLibertarioCubano/posts/1889251711331443 Via Libertarian Party of Nevada’s blog for the Partido Libertario […]

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