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LP Cuba Inaugurates New Headquarters in Pinar Del Rio

The Libertarian Party of Cuba (Partido Libertario Cubano – Jose Marti) has been making steady progress this past month to grow liberty movement in Cuba. This Wednesday, the party successfully inaugurated their third headquarters in the Pinar Del Rio province. The expansion of liberty gives this author much […]

Breaking: LP Cuba Members Detained on Route to Protest Trial

Members of the Libertarian Party of Cuba in Havana planned on attending the trials of members arrested in February for refusing to show their IDs to state police, with the expectation of being arrested. Today, the party released this statement below via Facebook: “As expected, our activists were […]

Cuban Libertarians Protest State Sending Troops to Venezuela

After inaugurating a second headquarters in the Camaguey province and having their officers arrested and released, the Libertarian Party of Cuba is back to business. Members of the Havana party took to the streets to protest the Communist government sending troops to Venezuela to assist them in fighting […]

Libertarian Party of Cuba Releases Statement on Arrests of President 

(Circled left to right: Spokesman Nelson Rodriguez Chartrand, President Caridad Ramirez Utria, and Vice-president Heriberto Pons Ruiz) “1) A new Libertarian Library was opened in Camaguey province this week. 2) Cuban Libertarian Party President Caridad Ramirez Utria, Vice President Heriberto Pons Ruiz, and spokesman Nelson Rodriguez Chartrand were […]

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