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The COVID Vaccine: A Libertarian Perspective

To vaccinate or not? That is the big question among Libertarians and people that question the role of government in our daily lives. The core of Libertarianism centers around choice. Personal responsibility and the ability to chose for yourself is a key tenant to the principle of Liberty. […]

COVID crop black doctor in sterile glove on escalator

COVID One Year Later: A Libertarian Perspective

COVID One Year Later: A Libertarian Perspective It is hard to think that it has been over one year since this country and the world was thrust into a global health pandemic with COVID 19 that sent shockwaves across our lives and the economies of the world. We’ve […]

Inconsistent Democrats flip on Mininum Wage

In 2014, Chris Coons voted to raise the Minimum Wage and it failed. In 2021, when it had a high chance of success, he voted against raising the Minimum Wage.

Vaccine Passports: The Latest Dystopian Nightmare

With the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine there is now a renewed push to require people to carry what is being called as a “Vaccine Passport” as they travel the country, or the world. This would be a virtual passport carried on your phone that you can use […]

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