Colorado’s Death Penalty Could Be Repealed This Year

A changing tide it taking place in this country and one of the biggest issues that is evolving is the death penalty. For a long time judicial advocates believed that the death penalty was a tool to curb crimes that were deemed to be heinous. However, that tone has changed as states across this country... Continue Reading →

Unconstitutional Gun Grab on the Verge of Happening in Colorado

In Colorado the rights of citizens is about to get a slap right in the face with the passage of the so called Red Flag Bill by both chambers of the state legislature with the Governor expected to sign it into law. From Fox 31 News in Denver: DENVER -- The Colorado Senate passed the... Continue Reading →

Jared Polis Recall Effort Run By the Sore Loser Campaign

First off, as a Coloradan I did not vote for Jared Polis for Governor. Even though in today's article by The Economist they call him a rare breed, a libertarian democrat. He was the only Democrat that was a member of Justin Amash's House Liberty Caucus and had a track record in Congress of supporting... Continue Reading →

Girl Scouts in Colorado Can Now Sell Cookies Outside Marijuana Dispensaries

Freedom is beautiful! The free market is beautiful! And now both of those are starting to take shape in the great state of Colorado. According to The Cannabist Girl Scouts in Colorado are now allowed to sell their cookies outside of marijuana dispensaries: It’s a pairing as natural as milk and cookies, or beer and... Continue Reading →

Freedom Reigns! Colorado Pot Sales Hit a Record $1.5 Billion in 2017

When the state of Colorado became the first in the country to legalize recreational marijuana there were many predictions of failures and rampant crime. Since that day there has been a decrease in crime and now huge revenues for the Rocky Mountain state. The Colorado Department of Revenue says that the state of Colorado made a... Continue Reading →

Colorado Shooter Claimed To Be Libertarian; LPCO Denounces

Matthew Riehl, the Colorado shooter who had killed a Douglas County deputy and wounding six others on New Year’s Eve, claimed in a video that he was running for Douglas County Sheriff as a Libertarian a week before Christmas. Riehl had also made “veiled threats against professors of the [University of Wyoming] law school professors”... Continue Reading →

Breaking: CO Governor Signs Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Bill Into Law

Despite opposition by many lawmakers in Colorado, the governor of our great state took a step forward today by protecting the private property of our citizens. From The Denver Post: Gov. John Hickenlooper on Friday will sign into law a controversial bill seeking to change how officers and sheriff’s deputies seize money and property, against... Continue Reading →

Supreme Court Decision May Lead To Eliminating Civil Asset Forfeiture

by Luke Henderson Civil Asset Forfeiture, one of the country’s most egregious examples of police overreach where law enforcement may seize any property involved in a crime, took a big hit today with the United States Supreme Court’s decision. The Hill reports that “[…] in 1986 the U.S. Department of Justice reported its Asset Forfeiture... Continue Reading →

Colorado Rep. Polis Introduces Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana and Regulate Like Alcohol

Colorado Congressman Jared Polis has introduced legislation that would remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act and regulated the drug like alcohol. The Marijuana Revenue and Regulation Act includes the following provisions, according to information provided by Polis’ office: Decriminalize marijuana at the federal level by removing marijuana and THC-containing products from the Controlled Substances... Continue Reading →

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