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Criticisms #11: Libertarianism & Marginalized Groups Pt. 2 – Minorities

Update: The original article used a quote from Christopher Cantwell, who the author had not previously heard of, and upon further research is not a person that should be quoted on libertarianism and minorities. The quote has been replaced. Due to feedback on the preferred labels for GSM […]

Cash Seizure Ruled Unconstitutional in Nevada

Nevada’s Circuit Court ruled that a prolonged 30-minute police pull-over by a citizen and the proceeding second pull-over to seize the driver’s cash violated the 4th amendment and that the money had to be returned to the driver. “The government concedes that Gorman’s roadside detention following his first […]

Breaking: CO Governor Signs Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Bill Into Law

Despite opposition by many lawmakers in Colorado, the governor of our great state took a step forward today by protecting the private property of our citizens. From The Denver Post: Gov. John Hickenlooper on Friday will sign into law a controversial bill seeking to change how officers and […]

Supreme Court Decision May Lead To Eliminating Civil Asset Forfeiture

by Luke Henderson Civil Asset Forfeiture, one of the country’s most egregious examples of police overreach where law enforcement may seize any property involved in a crime, took a big hit today with the United States Supreme Court’s decision. The Hill reports that “[…] in 1986 the U.S. […]

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