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Caryn Ann Harlos Elected as the Next Secretary of the Libertarian National Committee

Here at The Libertarian Vindicator we are happy to announced that our good friend and champion of Liberty has been elected as the next secretary of the Libertarian National Committee! Caryn Ann is one of the most dedicated Libertarians in this country and is most deserving of this […]

Libertarian Vindicator Endorsement: Caryn Ann Harlos for LNC Secretary!

There comes a moment when you encounter the most dedicated Libertarian in the country and it makes you realize that you haven’t done anything to help the party nor advance the cause of Liberty. Well, that person exists and her name is Caryn Ann Harlos and she is […]

LNC Members Ask Vohra To Resign Before Final Vote

With Jim Lark’s no vote on the motion to suspend and remove Vice Chairman Arvin Vohra, multiple members of the Libertarian National Committee have asked that Vohra step down suggesting that the members believe the motion will fail with the final vote falling on Chairman Nicholas Sarwark. “[…] […]

Motion To Suspend Arvin Vohra Has Chance To Pass

A Facebook note shared by Libertarian Party National Committee Secretary candidate Caryn Ann Harlos stated that she will be making a motion to suspend and one to remove Arvin Vohra as Vice Chairman of the LNC. The motion to suspend is currently cosponsored by 7 other members of […]

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