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Michigan Senate Candidate Starts Campaign To Arm The Homeless

Update 3/11/2018 12:20PM: The GoFundMe campaign has been taken down. The author is reaching out to Brian Ellison for a comment in the reasoning. Michigan Libertarian Brian Ellison has taken a unique approach to promoting his Senatorial campaign: starting a fundraiser to provide 20 pump shotguns to the […]

Larry Sharpe Launches Cryptocurrency To Reward Supporters

As a way to reward supporters, the Larry Sharpe for New York campaign has launched Sharpecoin, a collectible cryptocurrency that can be used to purchase campaign merchandise, tickets to events and other perks to be added. Sharpecoin can be earned by having people donate to the campaign through […]

Austin Petersen Creates Petition Urging Potential Challenger to Finish Term

With the recent news of former Libertarian Presidential candidate Austin Petersen potentially being challenged by Missouri’s newly elected Attorney General, Josh Hawley, for the Republican nomination for Senate, the campaign went on the attack by setting up a petition to urge Hawley to finish his term. During the […]

Can Austin Petersen Attract the Religious Right?

Since Austin Petersen’s announcement to run for US Senate as a Republican, one of the more common concerns I have seen on social media revolve around Austin being agnostic in a party that usually caters towards Christian voters. While this may seem like a big hurdle for a […]

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