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The Federal Budget Deficit Tops $3.1 Trillion

One of the greatest challenges to this country is not necessarily trying to curb the spread of COVID-19, but rather the financial destruction of our economy as the federal budget deficit tops $3.1 Trillion. From the New York Times: The federal budget deficit soared to a record $3.1 […]

In Private Event At Mar-a-Lago Trump Declares He Doesn’t Care About The Federal Budget

In a private event at Mar-a-Lago with top donors for his reelection campaign President Trump claimed “Who the hell cares about the budget? We’re going to have a country.” This comes as the President has increased defense spending by $2.5 Trillion and adding over $3 Trillion to the […]

Trump Administration Balloons Federal Deficit 77% From Last Year

The biggest problem in American Politics just reared its ugly head. When you cut taxes you should probably cut spending as well. However, most Republican leadership doesn’t usually realize what they are doing and preach this big game over and over again when it comes to federal spending […]

Austin Petersen Signs Pledge To Only Vote For Balanced Budgets

Former Libertarian Party presidential candidate and current candidate for Senator Austin Petersen has taken the Coalition to Reduce Spending‘s pledge to not vote for any budget that isn’t balanced or adds spending. “I am committed to balancing the budget and even passing a Balanced Budget amendment. Our economy […]

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