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A Libertarian Solution to Fixing America’s Illegal Immigration Problem

Immigration is poking its head once again thanks to President Trump and his push to build a wall on the southern border which has caused the longest government shutdown in American history. Illegal Immigration can be a problem, but a wall isn’t the way to go anymore, not […]

The Libertarian Argument Against the Wall

Donald Trump’s proposed border wall and the reason for the government shutdown has gotten a ton of attention recently and with the different opinions about the wall, I thought it would be appropriate to give the Libertarian argument against the wall. Waste of Money First off the wall is a […]

Newly Libertarian NM Land Commissioner Speaks Out Against Border Wall

Aubrey Dunn, the Republican New Mexico Land Commissioner who switched to the Libertarian Party in January, opposes the Department of Homeland Security’s waiver that would have expedited construction of the border wall promised by President Donald Trump. 20 environmental laws were to be waived, including the Endangered Species […]

Donald Trump’s Border Wall Receives Funding

Donald Trump’s goal of building a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico will start to become a reality thanks to the $1.6 billion allocated in the 2018 Department of Homeland Security budget.  The funds will be used to begin construction on the wall and added to the DHS budget […]

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