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FCC Set to Repeal Net Neutrality

by Luke Henderson Regulations set in 2015 by the Federal Communications Commission requiring internet service providers to allow access to websites without blocking or favoring certain ones, commonly known as net neutrality, are set to be repealed. President Trump’s FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, stated “Going forward, we cannot […]

Doctors Find Alternatives to Keep Healthcare Prices Down

By Luke Henderson Health care as a basic human right has been an ongoing debate since the past election cycle with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton promising to expand the Affordable Care Act in one way or another and the Republican candidates vowing to repeal it. With the […]

How Social Media Makes Politicians More Accountable

By Luke Henderson Politicians using social media accounts isn’t a new phenomenon, but the current President of the United States has used his in an unparalleled way. It seems most media stories revolving around Donald Trump have at least one screenshot or one quote from his infamous twitter. […]

Bernie Sanders Believes 15% Is Too High For Presidential Debate Admission

More people are starting  to realize that 15% is a ridiculous entrance requirement for the Presidential Debates. Even Bernie Sanders believes that the 15% threshold is too high and that the American people deserve more voices in the political arena.

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