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Giffords Folly in Gun Violence Prevention

In one map the Gifford’s Center for Gun Violence Prevention illustrated clearly what gun control advocates refuse to admit, that gun and magazine bans do very little to prevent violence. Their score card lists 21 states with failing grades and their website touts that “for the first time […]

New YouTube Policies To Ban Firearm Selling & Accessory Creation Videos

New policies by YouTube have all but made any video that’s not just a gun being fired against their terms and conditions. Any video that attempts to sell a firearm or accessories or has a link in the description to a website that sells firearms is no longer […]

The West Coast Is Waging A War On Straws

In an attempt to create less waste in the oceans, Ian Calderon introduced a bill in the California Assembly that would make it a crime for a server to bring a patron a straw without asking. A restaurant employee could face up to six months in prison and […]

Libertarian Anti-Fascist Committee Returns From Facebook Jail

The Libertarian Anti-Fascist Committee, a group formed to “[push] the Libertarian Party and the broader market libertarian movement in a more militantly anti-fascist direction, making fascists feel entirely unwelcome in libertarian circles, and working with other anti-fascist movements on areas of agreement in efforts to combat fascism outside of […]

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