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States Must Suspend Ballot Access Requirements During Coronavirus Pandemic

The 2020 Election season is already off to the most unique start in American history and with this pandemic comes electoral situations that states must attend to like mail in voting and the one that everyone forgets, ballot access requirements for third parties. The Politico brought this situation […]

Libertarians Want U.S. Supreme Court to Quash Law Designed to Keep Them Off Ballot

The Arizona Libertarian Party is taking its struggles all the way to the United States Supreme Court to challenge a law that was passed in 2015 which nearly doubled the amount of signatures requried for the party to gain access to the ballot. From the Arizona Capitol Times: […]

LP Concedes Ballot Access In Alabama

As the 2018 election gets underway, many state affiliates of the Libertarian Party are diligently gathering signatures to place their candidates on their state’s ballot and potentially secure ballot access for the future. Ballot access gained now can ensure that less resources have to be dedicated in 2020 […]

LP Iowa Excluded From State Polls Despite Major Party Status

Iowa’s recent poll on which party its resident would vote for in 2018 excluded the Libertarian Party despite that the Iowa party reached major party status in the last year. The Libertarian Party of Iowa earned the status due to Gary Johnson receiving 3.8% of the state’s votes; […]

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